Radiators, the - law of the fish

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At any given time the radiation in the cavity may not be in thermal equilibrium, but the second law of thermodynamics states that if left undisturbed it will eventually reach equilibrium, [12] although the time it takes to do so may be very long. [13] Typically, equilibrium is reached by continual absorption and emission of radiation by material in the cavity or its walls. [3] [4] [14] [15] Radiation entering the cavity will be " thermalized "; by this mechanism: the energy will be redistributed until the ensemble of photons achieves a Planck distribution . The time taken for thermalization is much faster with condensed matter present than with rarefied matter such as a dilute gas. At temperatures below billions of Kelvin, direct photon–photon interactions [16] are usually negligible compared to interactions with matter. [17] Photons are an example of an interacting boson gas, [18] and as described by the H-theorem , [19] under very general conditions any interacting boson gas will approach thermal equilibrium.

Life support should be straightforward to build into a vessel.  Any space colony will undoubtedly have small, portable habs that can be used for surface expeditions or what have you.  Mounting one of those would be relatively simple, and the actual mechanisms for short-term life support are fairly rudimentary, easing implementation if for some reason a hab had to be constructed from scratch.

Checks: Check that the boiler pump is turned on, and that it's working (listen or feel for motor vibration). If it isn't, you can check for airlock by using the bleed valve as for the radiator. Alternatively check that the thermostat is set correctly and that the timer is working. If all these are in good order and your heating still isn't working, it's time to call the plumber.

Other materials are useful because they are extremely poor conductors of heat; this property is referred to as thermal resistance, or R -value, which describes the rate at which heat is transmitted through the material. These materials, such as rock wool, goose down and Styrofoam, are used for insulation in exterior building walls, winter coats and thermal coffee mugs.  R -value is given in units of square feet times degrees Fahrenheit times hours per British thermal unit   (ft 2 ·°F·h/Btu) for a 1-inch-thick slab.

And if you’re reading this and your car is still under 100,000 miles, first off – wow, congratulations. Second, don’t get too excited because the deadline to file a claim has passed.

Radiators, The - Law Of The FishRadiators, The - Law Of The FishRadiators, The - Law Of The FishRadiators, The - Law Of The Fish