N.f.b. - woman and money

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fulfilment of a duty.
The second one was related to Com. Palani, a T T of Virugambakkam exchange. 3 months ago he has resigned his job of course without knowing that he may completely loose his pension and other benefits despite being in service for 20 years. When he realised this blunder everything was over and the management accepted his resignation promptly of course on his compulsion only. We intervene once again to save the situation with both GM( HR) and Corporate office. Finally he has rejoined today for duty after his earlier resignation was permitted to be withdrawn . We thank the management for this good gesture.
Both these comrades have expressed their sincere thanks for the steps taken by our circle Union. We are happy at the relief and joy experienced by both the families. We wish them a very Happy New year ahead for them in 2017.  Click1,