Various - jeg gleder meg til år 2000

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Also, as a species, humans have been eating meat for tens of thousands of years and even hundreds of thousands of years. Despite there being some Facebook warriors vehemently protesting this, there is a wealth of evidence to support ancient people being meat eaters and that they likely had to—or preferred to—eat zero carbs for shorter or longer periods of time. We would have to survive through periods of famine and lack of animal foods, though – so the ability to gather and eat plant foods was a necessity.

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21. oktober – 17. januar 2018 på Galleri F 15
Året avsluttes med utstillingen Skiptvet hvor kunstnere og bønder i landbrukskommunen
Skiptvet i Østfold bringes sammen i prosjektet Landbruksspørsmål 2013-2018.

The core practices of Heartfulness provide a practical and skillful approach to meditation, relaxation and self-development. They foster well-being, develop inner potential and expand our consciousness. This method is easily integrated in the midst of modern-day living.

Various - Jeg Gleder Meg Til År 2000Various - Jeg Gleder Meg Til År 2000Various - Jeg Gleder Meg Til År 2000Various - Jeg Gleder Meg Til År 2000